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Incidents of students being approached by strangers in van, spur warnings sent to parents

Students are advised to avoid walking alone after female students were approached by strangers and asked to get into a white van on separate occasions within a space of a few days in the vicinity of two international schools in Singapore.

Tanglin Trust School's chief executive Peter Derby-Crook wrote an email to every parent of Tanglin Trust School, saying that the incident occurred when a student was walking to the school, which is located on Portsdown Road on Tuesday (16 January).

As seen from the letter, he noted that as this was not the first time such incident happened though it did not happen at the same school.

However, he reminded parents to talk to their children advising them that if anyone approaches them that they do not know, they should ignore them and swiftly move away.

Mr Derby-Crook also stated that a Police report ha s been lodged and the school has requested a higher police presence around the school.

Source: Channel News Asia.

Speaking to Channel News Asia, the CEO said the student was walking from one-north MRT station at 12.30pm when a white van stopped near her and two occupants from the van tried to entice her to get in. However, despite her ignoring them, they persisted.

The two occupants got out of the van and continued to entice her. However, she moved quickly away and, fortunately, arrived at school safely.

Mr Derby-Crook said, "All parents of Tanglin Trust School were informed of the incident the same afternoon with the suggestion that students should not walk alone in the vicinity of the school but walk with friends," adding that students were reminded the same day of how to stay safe and what to do if they are approached at any time by a stranger.

The firs t incident took place along Dover Road on 11 January.

The Head of College of UWC South East Asia Chris Edwards also sent an email to parents of the school on 12 January saying a student had been "approached" while she was on her way home.

He stated, "It has been brought to our attention that one of our Middle School students was approached on Dover Road yesterday afternoon, Jan 11, by a man driving a van."

"He drove alongside her as she was waiting for the bus and called to her from the road, telling her to get into the van. The student took exactly the right action: She did not respond, walked away in the opposite direction, and informed a known adult," he added.

Responding to CNA's queries, the school's director of Communications and College Affairs Sinéad Collins said that the students and her parents filed a police report.

The school also informed other schools in the area and fellow international school s, asking them to take precautionary steps.

Writing on its Facebook page, Singapore Police Force (SPF) confirmed that two reports have been lodged and investigations are ongoing.

"We have established the identity of the driver for one of the cases and he is assisting with Police investigations," it stated.

The Police also appeal members of the public not to speculate as investigations are ongoing.

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By On January 17, 2018

PPR Sri Pantai residents fear repeat of 'killer' litterers


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Relatives attend the burial of S. Satiswaran at the MBPJ Hindu Cemetery, January 17, 2018. â€Relatives attend the burial of S. Satiswaran at the MBPJ Hindu Cemetery, January 17, 2018. â€" Picture by Ahmad ZamzahuriKUALA LUMPUR, JAN 17 â€" While residents of People’s Housing Project (PPR) in Sri Pantai are still reeling in shock from the death of 15-year-old S. Satiswaran â€" who was killed by a falling chair, many fear there could be more victims from irresponsible litterers.

When Malay Mail interviewed sev eral residents, they said this incident was not the first, as many have cheated death before.

Satiswaran’s paternal grandfather R. Krishnan,76 said he escaped death just one week ago when a flower vase thrown from above the flat shattered behind him, as he was walking to the lobby of Block 102.

“I was lucky enough that the soil from the vase and only tiny pieces of the glass hit me,” said Krishnan during the Satiswaran’s funeral today.

Another resident, Ibrahim Matra, 45 who lives on the 20th floor said this is the most tragic case he has heard so far living in flats for the past 18 years and fear this incident might repeat again, killing another.

“In the past we had cases like residents getting stitches from falling objects such as glass bottles.

“It is scary that this irresponsible killer is living among us. For all we know, the person could not be bothered about this incident. What guarantees, if they might do it again?,” he said.

Ibrahim went on to say, he believes this incident was the work of an adult who threw the chair.

“No child could have lifted that chair, it would have been too heavy. I hope the authorities looks into this seriously,” he said.

Meanwhile, housewife M. Devi, 35 who attended Satiswaran’s funeral, accompanied by her three daughters aged between three and eight said no family should go through what S. Kasthuri Bai, the mother of the victim is experiencing.

“Live here long enough and soon you will develop the gut instinct to look up every now and then, whenever you are on the ground floor. It is that frequent,” said the resident.

Devi recounts an incident a fortnight ago when she was fetching her youngest daughter from a day care centre.

“I was walking back to my block and narrowly missed an empty glass bottle which fell down beside me and my daughter.

“It broke loudly less than a few steps from my daugh ter. I shudder to think what could have happened if it hit either of us,” she said.

Devi said glass bottles are not the only thing thrown.

“Plastics and cardboard boxes, even stale curry wrapped in plastic bags are chucked from the corridor balconies. City Hall sends people to check every now and then, but it is impossible to keep an eye on everything,” she added.

Devi firmly believes the identity of the chair thrower should be made known to the public once it is confirmed.

“Let us see who it is. Publicly revealing who it is will make others think twice before throwing rubbish from above the flat again.”

Source: Google News