Netizen 24 SGP: Jet Li congratulates Halimah Yacob on her presidency, says 'flattered' and 'honoured' she's a fan

By On September 15, 2017

Jet Li congratulates Halimah Yacob on her presidency, says 'flattered' and 'honoured' she's a fan

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The Chinese movie star made the statement on his website on Friday (Sept 15) night.
Published27 min ago

SINGAPORE - Chinese movie star Jet Li has congratulated President Halimah Yacob on her presidency, quoting a Her World article that said she was one of his fans.

In a post on his website, shared on his official Facebook page on Friday (Sept 15) night, Li quoted a Her World article that said Madam Halimah once said she was a fan.

"I am deeply flattered and honoured. Madam President, I wish you all the success in your new post," he said.

Li became a S ingapore citizen in 2009.

The article was taken from an old report published in The Straits Times in 2006. Madam Halimah had said then that her favourite movie was Li's Fearless.

She said that the story of a wushu fighter using his gift for the good of the people after his family is murdered resonated with her.

Politics, she said, is about assuming huge responsibilities. "People depend on you, and you have to go beyond yourself and make sacrifices."

She added that the movie simply appealed to her as: "I like Jet Li."

Madam Halimah was inaugurated as Singapore's eighth president on Thursday (Sept 14).



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