Netizen 24 SGP: Kam Leng Hotel busted for vice activities again; 36 women arrested

By On September 29, 2017

Kam Leng Hotel busted for vice activities again; 36 women arrested

SINGAPORE â€" Thirty-four Thai women and two Vietnamese women were arrested for vice activities after the police conducted a raid at a hotel along Jalan Besar.

According to a statement released on Friday (Sept 29) by the Singapore Police Force (SPF), officers from the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) and the police’s Central Division on Tuesday arrested the women, who are aged 21 to 28.

TODAY understands that the raided hotel is Kam Leng Hotel at 383 Jalan Besar. This is not the first time the venue was raided for vice-related activities.

The Police said the women had entered Singapore on valid social visit passes, and had allegedly made use of their stay in Singapore to commit vice-related offences.

The SPF said preliminary investigations revealed that the vice syndicate had advertised the sexual services of these women on different vice websites and online social media platforms, including WeChat.

Under the Women’s Charter, Chapter 353, anybody who is convicted of being a tenant, lessee, occupier or in charge of any place which is used as a brothel; or anyone who keeps, manages or assists in the management of a brothel; can be fined up to a maximum of S$10,000, or jailed up to five years, or both.

Also, anybody who is convicted of knowingly living â€" wholly or in part â€" on the earnings of the prostitution of another woman or girl, can be jailed up to five years and fined up to S$10,000.

Source: Google News

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