Netizen 24 SGP: NS defaulter sentenced to 10 weeks' jail

By On October 10, 2017

NS defaulter sentenced to 10 weeks' jail

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A Philippines-born Singaporean who stayed away for more than three years without an exit permit was given 10 weeks' jail yesterday.

Full-time national serviceman Joseph Daluping Kum, 23, pleaded guilty to failing to comply with an enlistment notice requiring him to report for enlistment, and failing to fulfil his NS liability by remaining outside Singapore for a total of three years, six months and 22 days from Feb 9, 2012.

Kum was nine when he left Singapore for the Philippines. He would return to Singapore on occasion.

On Aug 4, 2011, he returned and was informed by the Central Manpower Base that he had committed offences by remaini ng overseas without a valid exit permit. He registered for NS on Sept 8 that year.

Later that month, he was notified that he had committed an offence under the Enlistment Act and was offered a composition fine of $1,000. His appeals for a waiver were unsuccessful.

Despite an enlistment notice requiring him to report for full-time NS on March 8, 2012, he left the country.

Kum was arrested on Sept 1, 2015, when he returned.

He was enlisted into full-time NS on Nov 11 that same year.

He is currently serving full-time NS as a dog handler.

His lawyer Rajan Supramaniam said Kum's parents have been living apart since he was young and they never divorced or remarried.

Deputy Public Prosecutor Ho Lian-Yi sought at least 10 weeks' jail, in line with the sentencing framework laid down by a three-judge panel in the High Court in July.

Kum was offered bail of $15,000.

He will start serving his sentence on Nov 13, three da ys after his operationally-ready date.

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