Netizen 24 SGP: Beware of phishing email claiming to be from POSB

By On May 03, 2018

Beware of phishing email claiming to be from POSB

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Charlene Lum mail

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Several Stompers have recently received an email which claimed to be from POSB, informing them that 'Singapore Banks has been under attack by hackers', and to click on the link provided in order to update their account and to keep their money 'safe'.

Stomper Caseyakahzg asked Stomp: "Is this a scam?"

In response to Stomp's media query, a DBS spokesman said that the site has was taken down on Thursday evening (May 3).

The spokesman told Stomp that they actively take down phishing sites to protect their customers.

We are mindful of the threats from phishing, virus and malware targeting online and mobile devices," he said.

"We actively alert our customers to any unusual internet banking login experience that may be caused by phishing or malware intrusions via our website

"We also continuously raise awareness among customers on how they can better protect themselves via communications channels such as emails, online banners and bank statements.

"If customers detect any unusual activity, they should inform the bank promptly, so that we are able to take the necessary action to protect them from incurring any loss.

"Customers are reminded never to give out their userID, iBanking pin or OTP over the phone or via email and DBS staff will never ask for such information.

&qu ot;In phishing, criminals send e-mails purporting to be from legitimate companies to trick someone into providing their personal information, or downloading a virus that can steal their information.

"Customers should never click on website links from emails.

"Always go through the proper banking channels or key in the address onto your web browser, especially if the email appears to be a request for personal information.

"If the customer suspects that his/her userID, PIN or token have been compromised or they identify any suspicious activities on their account, they should contact DBS immediately at 1800-111-1111."

"We also recommend customers to contact the bank via our official numbers or through the use of a secured mailbox service via our iBanking," he added.

"That is the mailbox you see after you have logged into your Internet banking account with us."

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