Netizen 24 SGP: Hitman slashing trial: Victim knew beauty queen girlfriend was financially supported by businessman

By On May 17, 2018

Hitman slashing trial: Victim knew beauty queen girlfriend was financially supported by businessman

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Joshua Koh Kian Yong, whose face was slashed by an alleged hitman, and his girlfriend Audrey Chen Ying Fang.
Published55 min ago

SINGAPORE -A banquet waiter whose face was slashed by an alleged hitman got into a relationship with a beauty queen - even though he knew she was seeing a businessman who supported her financially, a court heard on Thursday (May 17).

Joshua Koh Kian Yong, who himself is married to another woman, testified on day two of a trial in which the businessman Lim Hong Liang, 54, who owns a logistics company, and mover Ong Hock Chye, 47, each face a charge of conspiring to cause grievous hurt to Mr Koh on April 30, 2016.

Lim had also been dating the former Miss Mermaid - Audrey Chen Ying Fang, now 27 - that year.

Mr Koh, 34, said he is still Ms Chen's boyfriend and they live together in Kembangan. He is not in contact with his Thai wife, the court heard.

Mr Koh and Ms Chen, who is jobless, first met while drinking with friends in December 2015.

On April 8 the following year, Mr Koh was visiting her apartment at The Parc Condominium in West Coast Walk when Lim's son entered the unit with another man, whom Ms Chen identified on Tuesday as "Ron" - the businessman's nephew.

The court heard that Ron attacked Mr Koh but the latter did not retaliate. The waiter added: "I'm not a violent person. I was covering my head all the time."

Lim Hong Liang (left) and Ong Hock Chye (right) each face a charge of conspiring to cause grievous hurt to Mr Joshua Koh Kian Yong. ST PHOTOS: GAVIN FOO

The attack lasted about 15 minutes. After that, Mr Koh said that the two men took photos of him on their mob ile phones. He was later taken to hospital by ambulance and treated for injuries including a broken nose.

Three weeks later he was attacked a second time as the couple were about to eat supper near Little India. He was slashed in the face by Nur Muhammad Irwan Mohd Ngat, suffering injuries including a wound which ran from his left upper lip to the right side of his chin.

However, Mr Koh said that he had only one direct encounter with Lim which took place near his father's home in September 2016.

He was with Ms Chen when he spotted Lim driving around the neighbourhood in his car. Mr Koh added that she was talking to Lim on the phone when he got irritated and snatched it from her. Mr Koh testified: "I told him, if you want to talk, come, don't keep circling."

The court heard that Lim then drove away.

Court documents allege Lim and Ong, who is unrepresented, committed the offence with Nur Atika Fauziana Sherhan, 20; Lim's nephew, Ron Lim De Mai, 26; Irwan, 29, and former technician Mohammad Amin Aman, 47.

To date, Atika, Ron Lim, Irwan, Amin and a fifth person, Juhari Ab Karim, 34 have been dealt with court for their involvement in the case.

Atika, the only woman, was ordered to undergo reformative training. The four men were given jail sentences of up to 14½ years. Three of them, including Ron Lim, were also sentenced to caning. The trial resumes on Friday.


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