Netizen 24 SGP: Jayakumar not surprised at KL's Pedra Branca move

By On June 01, 2018

Jayakumar not surprised at KL's Pedra Branca move

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A 20 08 judgment by the International Court of Justice awarded sovereignty of Pedra Branca (background) to Singapore. The court awarded Middle Rocks (foreground) to Malaysia, but it did not make a definitive ruling on South Ledge, saying it belongs to whoever owns the territorial waters it sits in.
Published10 hours ago

Malaysia's cases over 2008 judgment had very weak legal basis, he says

Former deputy prime minister S. Jayakumar said he is not surprised that the new Malaysian government has withdrawn its applications on Pedra Branca as both cases had "very weak legal basis".

In fact, he was very surprised when the previous Malaysian government brought these two cases, Professor Jayakumar said in a statement yesterday.

Malaysia had filed an appli-cation on Feb 2 last year to revise a 2008 judgment by the International Court of Justice (ICJ), which awarded sovereignty of Pedra Branca to Singapore.

On June 30, Malaysi a filed a second application to request that the ICJ interpret that same judgment.

The ICJ will remove both cases from its list, after Malaysia informed it on Monday that it would discontinue the proceedings it had initiated earlier, and Singapore agreed. "Our foreign counsel, as well as we in the Singapore team, felt that Malaysia's cases had very weak legal basis," said Prof Jayakumar, who led the Republic's Pedra Branca team.

"We were very confident of our own legal case on both applications. Therefore, I am not surprised that the new Malaysian government had proposed to discontinue both these cases. This has put the matter to rest amicably."

The small island of Pedra Branca - also known as Pulau Batu Puteh - houses the Horsburgh Lighthouse, and is located about 40km east of Singapore's main island.


We were very confident of our own legal case on both applications.< /p>


Prof Jayakumar was one of three key figures who helmed the team that argued the original case before the ICJ in 2007. The other two were Professor Tommy Koh and former chief justice Chan Sek Keong.

The three of them, along with Attorney-General Lucien Wong, led the legal team to prepare for the latest cases, which were initially scheduled to be heard over eight days from June 11 to 22 at the Peace Palace in The Hague, in the Netherlands.

Prof Jayakumar said all members of the team were fully prepared for the oral hearings at the ICJ.

"Some members of the team are disappointed that the cases will not be heard," he said. "They had put in a lot of work and were looking forward to arguing our cases before the ICJ judges."

Prof Jayakumar also gave four reasons why he was cheered by the way the Singapore team worked on the Pedra Branca cases.

He said he and senior l awyers such as Prof Koh, Mr Chan and Mr Wong worked very well with younger international lawyers in the team.

He praised the legal acumen and total dedication of the younger lawyers, and said Singapore now has a new generation of highly competent international lawyers.

"We are in good hands when similar international legal disputes arise in the future," he added.

Prof Jayakumar also hailed the close collaboration between the Attorney-General's Chambers, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore, National Archives of Singapore, Ministry of Law, Ministry of Defence and other agencies.

Finally, he lauded Singapore's foreign legal counsel - Professor Alain Pellet, Mr Rodman Bundy and Mr Daniel Muller. Prof Pellet and Mr Bundy acted for Singapore in the original Pedra Branca case.

"All of them had high praise for the younger lawyers in the team," Prof Jayakumar said.

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