Netizen 24 SGP: Warmer, drier days ahead in first fortnight of June

By On June 01, 2018

Warmer, drier days ahead in first fortnight of June

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Daily temperature is expected to range between 25 deg C and 34 deg C on most days in the first two weeks of June.
Published28 min ago

SINGAPORE - Warmer and drier days are ahead, with the south-west monsoon expected to set in during the first fortnight of June.

Prevailing winds will blow predominantly from the south-east or south-west during the south-west monsoon season, which typically lasts till September, the Meteorological Service Singapore (MSS) said on Friday (June 1).

In the next two weeks, drier conditions are expected compared to the previous fortnight in end May.

And with less rainfall, mercury levels are likely to climb.

The daily temperature is expected to range between 25 deg C and 34 deg C on most days, and it may reach 35 deg C on a few days.

MSS said that there may be localised thundery showers for a short duration in the late morning and early afternoon on three to five days, due to the strong heating of lan d areas.

Widespread showers with gusty winds are likely to happen in the pre-dawn hours and morning on one or two days.

Rainfall for the first fortnight of June is likely to be below normal, MSS said.

In its monthly review, MSS said that inter-monsoon conditions persisted in May, with low level prevailing winds generally light and variable in direction, occasionally blowing from the east or south-east.

In May, Singapore saw thundery showers in the late morning and afternoon on most days, with rainfall stretching into the evenings on some days.

On May 13, from 7am to 11am, widespread moderate to heavy thundery showers hit parts of Singapore between the early hours and mid-day, due to strong convergence of winds over Singapore.

On that day, the highest daily total rainfall of 121.6mm was recorded in the Choa Chu Kang area due to showers in western Singapore between 7am and 11am.

MSS noted that the second half of May was generally wett er than the first half.

The daily maximum temperature ranged between 30.8 deg C and 35.4 deg C, while the daily minimum temperature was between 22.4 deg C and 27 deg C.

Five days in May recorded temperatures greater than 35 deg C.

The days were May 3, 4, 12, 24 and 25, and this occurred in the northern, southern and western parts of Singapore.

Night-time temperatures were also warm on some days, especially in the second week of the month, where it stayed above 27 deg C.

About three quarters of Singapore received above-normal rainfall in May, with the highest level of the month at 343.8 mm around Paya Lebar. This was 79 per cent above average.

The lowest rainfall of 118mm (36 per cent below average) was recorded at Sentosa.


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