WATCH: Excite releases new videos showcasing the best of Singapore

By On November 05, 2018

WATCH: Excite releases new videos showcasing the best of Singapore

Time to tune in and get inspired, folks, because Excite holidays have teamed up with Singapore Tourism Board to launch a brand new video campaign.

The series shows off the very best of Singapore, launching with three videos covering the best places to eat, shop and party in the vibrant, multi-cultural state.

The videos include interviews with key tastemakers in Singapore, including designers and Michelin-starred chefs, who give their tips and tricks on how to make the most of your time in Singapore and showcase its unique selling points.

The videos will be housed on Excite Holidays’ agent hub, Excite Engage, and three more are expected to come so stay tuned!

The videos are also supported by an 8-page downloadable destinations guide which you can access right here.

PLUS agents will receive 500 bonus points for every night booked and paid for in Singapore during the campaign period, Monday 5 November â€" Sunday 18 November.

So what are you waiting for?

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WATCH: Excite releases new videos showcasing the best of Singapore

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